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ACBA Officers

Wayne Pitts (President) -

Raven Crews (Vice President) -

Ken Jenkins (Secretary) -

David Tanner (Treasurer) -

Marna Napolean (Program Director) -

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ACBA Board of Directors

Terri Goodman (Board Director) -

Bob Wagner (Board Director)

Helen Baldwin (Board Director) -

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March 2019

* ACBA’s primary mission is to promote healthy and sustainable beekeeping practices in Ashe County. It is accomplished through occasional training seminars and regular meetings featuring knowledgeable guest(s) and local beekeepers with a myriad levels of expertise.

* In addition, ACBA aims to educate the general public regarding the critical need to protect and care for honey bee populations and easy ways to do it. For example, plant bee-friendly gardens, shrubs, and trees and use extra precaution with pesticides and herbicides (spray before dawn or after dusk, when the bees are still in their hives, and don’t let chemicals pool on flowering weeds that attract bees).

* Read our 2019 Mission Statement (Provisional).

- Ashe County is obviously at the heart of our focus, but with the substantial tourist and seasonal population, we are hopeful that the impact of our efforts will extend way beyond our county lines.

- We encourage and foster close relationships with neighboring beekeeping groups and are members of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.

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ACBA By-Laws

December 9, 2012

The below, downloadable file contains the By-Laws for the Ashe County Beekeeping Association which also outlines the duties of the officers and board of directors.

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120911 - ACBA By-Laws (pdf 942.2 Kb)

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* You can send us an e-mail by clicking here, by copying this address - - into your e-mail provider, or by following the link below.

- We are always interested in keeping our webpage both informative and accurate. If you encounter a broken link, or find information in a post that is not factual, please send us a note using the "Contact Us" link on the home page. Enter your name and e-mail (which will NOT be shared) and give a brief description on what you are reporting about.

- Thanks.

Email: Click here:

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Connect to ACBA using Facebook

* You can follow the ACBA on Facebook by several means: 1) paste the following - - into your browser; 2) right click the link (below); or 3) on the home page of this website, click on the Facebook icon.

* Our Facebook link contains many group updates, pictures and beekeeping reports from our members.

Link to ACBA on Facebook here:

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ACBA Directory

* ACBA maintains a directory with names and addresses of our membership which is updated frequently. The directory is not for public distribution or use.

* Any use of our mailing list for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

* Association members can access the membership listed with the below link.

Log into the Members Only Area:

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Meeting dates, times and locations

* ACBA meets at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month from March through November at the North Carolina County Extension Office, Ashe County Center, 134 Government Circle, Jefferson, NC 28640 (near the courthouse).

* If you’d like to learn more about ACBA or honey bees in general, please join us at a meeting - visitors are always welcome!

- We are excited that beekeeping is on the rise in Ashe County and optimistic about recent studies regarding the plight of bees in this area.

- Thank you for your interest in the bees and ACBA!

Click here for information on our next Association meeting:

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How do I navigate the ACBA website?

* Making full use of the ACBA website is simple...the many category links that can be found on the toolbar (above), will take you right to the topic in which you are interested.

* You'll note that as you place your cursor over a category link, there are also pull-down menus that can help you to narrow your search within that category.

* Or, if you choose to be linked directly to a category, the sub-menus are also displayed beneath the toolbar. Choose one, or navigate through ALL of the postings within the category. If you select a sub-menu, you'll also note that an option to re-display ALL the category links will appear.

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Who can join the ACBA?

* Anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of bees and beekeeping can join our association.

* The only requirement to be a part of ACBA and enjoy many of the benefits of our association is to make an annual dues payment of $10 (individual) or $15 (family). You may also wish to join the North Carolina State Beekeeping Association (also $15/year) and enjoy additional benefits from being a part of the state association.

* To join, or to update your membership dues, click on the below link.

Click here to join, or renew your membership:

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How do I become a member of the ACBA?

If you're interested in becoming a member of ACBA, or are interested in re-joining our group, open this Contact link and enter the required information:

* Your name

* Your e-mail (it will be kept private)

* Click on "Optional Info:" to include your address and telephone information.

* In the message area, type "Request for Membership."

- Your name will be added to our roster and someone will contact you with information about dues and the next meeting date.

- We look forward to having you join us!!

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How can I become a sponsor of the ACBA?

* If your business is interested in becoming a sponsor on the Ashe Beekeepers Association website, click on the below downloadable form that can be filled out on your computer. Fill in all the fields and then save the form on your computer with a unique filename, for example: "Vendor Agreement - Your Business Name".

* Send the completed form to the e-mail address, below. The Treasurer will contact you to complete the transaction.

* Vendor fees must be paid before the advertisement will appear on the website. All annual contracts are non-refundable after the ad is placed.

Email: ACBA Treasurer

► Download:
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ACBA - Vendor Agreement (pdf 621.4 Kb)

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