Beekeeping supplies

Hive bodies, frames, etc.

Beekeeping Hives (complete) and other miscellaneous supplies for sale

Beekeeping Hives (complete) and other miscellaneous supplies for sale Doug Ehrhardt

Doug Ehrhardt

* The attached document has information on two complete hives - hive body less frames and four shallow supers with 10 frames each - and many miscellaneous beekeeping supplies for sale by ACBA's web manager, Doug Ehrhardt who is "retiring" from keeping bees.

* Everything listed was "gently" used over 4 years of keeping bees - 2 successful years and 2 dismal ones!

* Contact Doug @ 240-672-8496 or send an e-mail to if interested in purchasing any/all of these items...ask about $$ for the whole collection!

* First come / first served!

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Beekeeping Hives and supplies (pdf 140.1 Kb)

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250 Gallons of Sugar Syrup

H. S. Greene, Hidden Happiness Bee Farm

* H. S. Greene (Hidden Happiness Bee Farm - has pulled in 250 gallons of sugar syrup which is for sale @ $3.50 per gallon...need to bring 5 gallon buckets.

* H.S. can be reached at 336-957-0275.

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Beekeeping Equipment

Buddy Helms

* Buddy Helms is in the process of consolidating his beekeeping equipment and has the following to sell:

- 25 10-frame shallow supers with frames - $7.50 each

- 122 white plastic frames - $1.00 each

* Buddy can be reached at 336-877-2193 or

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