Educational Materials

Beekeeping: Making Honey from Flowers

* Here's an interesting educational resource shared by Julie Loomis for inclusion on our website.

* Enjoy!

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Sampling for Varroa mites

August 13, 2015 Handout from Greg Farriss

Sampling Colonies for Varroa destructor

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NC State Cooperative Extension Service Webinars

Follow the below link to learn about teaching webinars that are conducted by the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension Service on an extensive list of beekeeping topics.

Click here:

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Why Do Honeybees Love Hexagons?

IFL Science Lesson

* Open and enjoy this informational, and educational, video from IFL Science and

* Be sure and select "Full Screen" on your computer to fully enjoy the presentation...


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North Carolina State University

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Beekeeping Notes

* The NC Cooperative Extension Service published a wide variety of "Notes" that educate and inform interested readers about bees and beekeeping.

* Open the below, downloadable files to learn more from this service.

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