March 2019

* ACBA’s primary mission is to promote healthy and sustainable beekeeping practices in Ashe County. It is accomplished through occasional training seminars and regular meetings featuring knowledgeable guest(s) and local beekeepers with a myriad levels of expertise.

* In addition, ACBA aims to educate the general public regarding the critical need to protect and care for honey bee populations and easy ways to do it. For example, plant bee-friendly gardens, shrubs, and trees and use extra precaution with pesticides and herbicides (spray before dawn or after dusk, when the bees are still in their hives, and don’t let chemicals pool on flowering weeds that attract bees).

* Read our 2019 Mission Statement (Provisional).

- Ashe County is obviously at the heart of our focus, but with the substantial tourist and seasonal population, we are hopeful that the impact of our efforts will extend way beyond our county lines.

- We encourage and foster close relationships with neighboring beekeeping groups and are members of the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association.

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