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ACBA Meeting Notes

April 13, 2023

Hello to all,

I think we had a fine meeting last night! Thank you for your participation. I am attaching several files for your review. Here is what you need to know:

1. The rules for the ACBA Photo Contest are attached.

2. I've attached two documents that you can use if you have visitors to your apiary or if you capture swarms or do cutouts. I am NOT an attorney and these forms will not protect you if you are negligent.

3. I mentioned that there is an opportunity to participate in a beekeeping workshop at Appalachian State University on Saturday May 6. Participation is limited to 20 persons and will pay $300. A light breakfast and lunch are included. You must apply by clicking here.

4. If you are seeking a nuc, please let me know. I am aware of multiple persons with nucs available for the Spring.

5. Also, if you need a queens, let me know and I will send you details. We can also go in together and buy queens in bulk to save money on shipping, etc.

6. There are several volunteer opportunities with the education committee. We need you! Contact Kim Pitts kimpitts505@gmail.com if you are available to pitch in.

Best regards,

Wayne Pitts, President

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CutOutMOU (docx 15 Kb)
Hold Harmless and Consent to Participate (docx 13.8 Kb)
PhotoContest (pdf 74.4 Kb)

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