ACBA Monthly Meeting March 12, 2020

ACBA Monthly Meeting

March 12, 2020

* The 1st regular meeting of the Ashe County Beekeeping Association will be Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the Agricultural Center Building in West Jefferson. Pizza will be served @ 6:30.

* The meeting will be held at the Ashe County Agricultural Center Office, located at 134 Government Center Drive in Jefferson, NC.


* It’s already March again - time for ACBA to buzz back into action! I’m not sure how that happened, but here we are.

* For our first meeting of 2020, Jim Rash will focus on spring hive inspections. In addition, he and Marna, our new program chairperson, will share some of what they learned at the NCSBA spring meeting the past few days.

* Dues for 2020 will be collected Thursday, so if you’d like to get that out of the way, Liam will be happy to oblige. Dues remain the same: Individual - $10, Family - $15. Also, You may join NCSBA or renew your membership online - Don’t worry if you can’t remember your NCSBA membership number - Membership in the state group, $15/person, is suggested but not required.

* I know I’m not alone in sensing the loss of Bob Cole as we head back into the routine. I was one of several members who attended Bob’s poignant service last month. Before I pulled out of our driveway in the dreary, drippy, chilly weather, I was surprised - or not! - to notice a bee hovering on the windshield. I doubt I was the only one and hope that the presence of Bob's bees has comforted his widow, Susan. It will definitely not be the same without Bob, a founding member of ACBA, in our midst, but what knowledge and respect for bees he left behind! His was an extraordinary life, extending way beyond beekeeping. He is missed by many, many folks.

* PLEASE NOTE: Emailed meeting reminders will continue to be sent to those who desire to remain on the list. However, only paid members will receive other kinds of news and updates. If you aren’t in a position to attend the upcoming meeting or the one in April, please make arrangements to mail your dues to:


PO Box 223

Jefferson, NC 28640

* Finally, If you would like to be removed from any mailing list associated with ACBA, just let me know as soon as possible.

* Hope to see you Thursday at the Extension Office and hear good news about your bees! As usual, the meeting starts at 7pm, but pizza and Maggie’s goodies will be available at 6:30, so come early! There will be door prizes, too!

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