ACBA Membership Roles 2019

ACBA Membership Roles


- It is known that many ACBA members are no longer attending meetings, at least on a regular basis. Also, quite a few of you have lost bees, and as such, are either out of the bee business or trying to become better prepared before getting the next batch of bees.

- Another reason is that some of you who still have bees no longer drive at night, some attend bee meetings closer to home, some are working too hard, or some just don’t like meetings :)

- Whether you're interested in remaining on the ACBA mailing list for 2019 or NOT, please send an e-mail to Helen Baldwin to inform her as soon as possible so the necessary adjustments can be made.

- Emails pertain to meeting reminders, information sharing and ACBA/NCSBA announcements.

- Thank you!

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