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Doug Hart wrote that he has a very large “mean” hive that he’s quickly losing interest in and he wonders if someone who doesn’t mind ... [more]

Beekeeping supplies

Hive bodies, frames, etc.

Top Bar Hive For Sale

Top Bar Hive For Sale May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

Lyn Soeder reports: “I'm still trying to sell this top bar hive; cedar throughout, full set of top bars already waxed, some spacers, etc. Observation window and drop bottom for ventilation. I need $100 for it, the cost of the materials. It's ready for a package right now today. Thanks.

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NUCS! May 11, 2017

May 11, 2017

Nucs, nucs and more nucs!! If you'd still like one and don't win the ACBA Raffle on Thursday, May 11th, you may contact Sullivan Wilkes (James' son) at 828-434-0066 or

Hidden Happiness Bee Farm may have a few nucs left over as well, although H.S. Greene wasn't totally sure as of this late date. Call 336-957-0275 or go to, for more information.

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250 Gallons of Sugar Syrup

H. S. Greene, Hidden Happiness Bee Farm

* H. S. Greene (Hidden Happiness Bee Farm - has pulled in 250 gallons of sugar syrup which is for sale @ $3.50 per gallon...need to bring 5 gallon buckets.

* H.S. can be reached at 336-957-0275.

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Beekeeping Equipment

Buddy Helms

* Buddy Helms is in the process of consolidating his beekeeping equipment and has the following to sell:

- 25 10-frame shallow supers with frames - $7.50 each

- 122 white plastic frames - $1.00 each

* Buddy can be reached at 336-877-2193 or

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