Beekeeping supplies

Hive bodies, frames, etc.

Beekeeping Hives (complete) and other miscellaneous supplies for sale

Beekeeping Hives (complete) and other miscellaneous supplies for sale Doug Ehrhardt

Doug Ehrhardt

* The attached document has information about two complete hives (ALREADY SOLD), but there are still many miscellaneous beekeeping supplies for sale by ACBA's web manager, Doug Ehrhardt who is "retiring" from keeping bees.

* Everything listed was "gently" used over 4 years of keeping bees - 2 successful years and 2 dismal ones!

* Contact Doug @ 240-672-8496 or send an e-mail to if interested in purchasing any/all of these items...ask about $$ for the whole collection!

* First come / first served!

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250 Gallons of Sugar Syrup

H. S. Greene, Hidden Happiness Bee Farm

* H. S. Greene (Hidden Happiness Bee Farm - has pulled in 250 gallons of sugar syrup which is for sale @ $3.50 per gallon...need to bring 5 gallon buckets.

* H.S. can be reached at 336-957-0275.

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Beekeeping Equipment

Buddy Helms

* Buddy Helms is in the process of consolidating his beekeeping equipment and has the following to sell:

- 25 10-frame shallow supers with frames - $7.50 each

- 122 white plastic frames - $1.00 each

* Buddy can be reached at 336-877-2193 or

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